April 2022

April 20, 2022

April 19th, 2022

On 04/19/2022 Officer Cain was contacted by Benton County Prosecutor Attorney’s office Mckayla Sallee. She explained that an officer paidfor a room for a victim and witness of one of her cases at Clover Island Inn. This Is due to an ongoing trial. The trial was extended and thisfund was used to extend the two subjects by one night so that they could attend the trial.
April 19, 2022

April 18th, 2022

On 04/18/2022 Sergeant Newton contacted a couple that was requesting assistance. He paid for gas for two transients living out of their car and motorhome. The gas was enough to get them to a better location. Two charges-one to put ll gallons in a motorhome. The other to put 3.5 gallons in a gas can.
April 17, 2022

April 16th, 2022

On 4/16/22 Deputy Prosecutor Attorney Brenden Siefkin requested assistance from Officer Engen with finding housing for two femalewitnesses from a KPD case. They were displaced due to the original event and had been kicked out of their temporary housing after herequested a welfare check on them and Benton County Sheriffs Officer came to serve subpoenas the following day. When Officer Engel contacted he learned the subjects were staying in a car and were terrified of […]
April 10, 2022

April 9th, 2022

On 04/09/2022 a female was contacted by polices Dakota and Smith after she was seen fleeing from a vehicle with her 2 year old daughter. She had just been assaulted by an unknown male who was supposed to give her a ride to the shelter. She explained she is a single mother who has been relying on family for housing as she struggles to find work and housing. She has not wanted to rely on […]