Ocotber 8th, 2023

October 4th, 2023
October 6, 2023
Ocotber 11th, 2023
October 15, 2023

Case# 23-78077
On October 8, 2023, Officer Weddle was dispatched to a domestic disturbance. Dispatched advised the
reporting party’s boyfriend was yelling at her and broke a door. The notes also advised there was a one
year old in the residence. When he arrived and contacted the reporting party, she advised she and her
boyfriend, had gotten in an argument. She said he left the location. Officer Weddle requested to come
inside and speak to her and she allowed him to. Once inside the residence, he could see the door to the
bedroom had been torn away from the wall and broken into numerous pieces. She advised she and her
boyfriend had been out drinking and began to argue. She said as they were walking home from the bar,
the boyfriend told her he was going to run home and take their child in common. She said he ran home
and locked the door before she could arrive. She was eventually allowed back inside the residence. She
said once inside, he continued to argue and be verbal towards her. She said he began breaking apart the
door to their bedroom while she was nearby. She also said their son was in the bedroom while he was
breaking the door. This would have put the child a matter of feet away.
During the contact, she was crying and appeared to be in fear of the boyrfriend returning. She said he
had recently been showing a pattern of verbal abuse. She also said he had been strongly suggesting the
two of them partake in certain sexual acts, which she was not comfortable with. She said when she did

not agree, he again became verbally abusive. When Officer Weddle asked her to elaborate, she said she
did not feel comfortable disclosing details.
The female said she did not feel safe in the residence and feared the boyfriend would return to possibly
hurt her and take their son.
The community care fund was utilized to offer her and her son lodging at the Red Lion on Columbia
Center Blvd. for two nights.