Ocotber 11th, 2023

Ocotber 8th, 2023
October 9, 2023
October 20th, 2023
October 21, 2023

Case# 23-78866
On October 11, 2023, Officer Alvarez was dispatched to call a female. While contacting her, she
explained to Officer Alvarez that her husband has been going through a hard time. The female has a 1-
year-old son that does not fit into their old car seat anymore. She has been reaching out to multiple
resources that are not answering her calls or returning them.
She explained to Officer Alvarez that her husband has been trying to get jobs in Arizona so he can
provide for their family. Officer Alvarez reached out to the Benton Franklin Health District to ask about
their free car seat service and was told the person that handles those situations would not be back in
the office for another week and a half. He was told they are taking names of people who call and are
putting their information on the desk of the person who is responsible for contacting them.
Officer Alvarez also tried to call the WSP child safety line and the WIC (Women, children and Infants) line
to try and ask about their resources. Neither agency answered his calls.
Officer Alvarez informed her that he would be going and obtaining a car seat while using the community
care fund. He went to Walmart and purchased a car seat for her. Officer Alvarez dropped the car seat off
at her location where her and her family met him outside to receive the car seat.