September 8th, 2023

September 7th, 2023
September 10, 2023
September 20th, 2023
September 25, 2023

Case# 23-069744
On September 8, 2023, Officer Severson was dispatched on a suicidal subject call. He contacted the
reporting party via phone. Reporting party stated that she gone to the location to grab some items from
her sister’s residence. She stated when she returned to the parking lot after only being inside for 15
minutes her vehicle was missing. She informed Officer Severson that in her vehicle was her infants
diapers and formula. In addition, she stated she needed her vehicle as she needed to take her 7-year-old
child to school, drop off her infant at childcare, and drive to work. While he was speaking to her, she
was very emotional over the situation as she kept stating she was single mother and money was tight for
her at the moment.
After speaking to her, Officer Severson had Data check to see if her vehicle had been towed from the
location. Data informed Action Tow had picked up the vehicle. Officer Severson contacted Action Tow to
obtain the amount for the tow and impound fees so he could inform her of how much it was going to
cost to retrieve her vehicle. Action Toe advised it would be around $449 for her to retrieve her vehicle.
Once Officer Severson obtained this information, he drove to the location to speak to her in person
about the fees. When he arrived, he informed her of the cost, she immediately broke down crying
advising she could not afford to retrieve her vehicle due to her other cost (Child Care, food, and other
life necessities). She informed Officer Severson she has been working full time at Ice Harbor Brewing as
well as applying for government –assisted food/housing. Due to her situation he offered to use the
Community Care Fund to pay for the impound. Officer Severson provided her with a courtesy
transportation to Action Tow (3205 N Commercial Ave Pasco). When they arrived Officer Severson paid
the private impound fee. In addition to paying the tow fee, he provided her with some more resources
to assist with housing and food.