September 7th, 2023

August 22nd, 2023
August 30, 2023
September 8th, 2023
September 12, 2023

Case# 23-069415
On 09/07/2023, Officer Rogers was dispatched to a domestic disturbance. When he arrived he
contacted two females. The female owner of the house was kicking the other female and her two sons
out of the house.
The female has no family in the area and attempted to call friends but no one answered. She called her
mother who said she would come get her from Blaine WA. When asked how long her mother would
need to get here and she said 5 1/1 to six hours. The owner of the house would not allow her and her
sons back in the house and said they could wait outside on the sidewalk.
Both sons were in diapers and underwear due to them being asleep prior to the fight. Neither had
clothes and the owner of the house was throwing all of other female’s property out onto the yard.
Officer Rogers advised her to grab whatever belongings she needed for the night and that we would use
the community care fund to get her a hotel for the night so her mother could pick her up in the morning.