February 24th, 2023

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February 1, 2023
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March 8, 2023

On 02/24/2023, 7-day hotel stay. Kennewick Police continues to work with regional community services providers to support people who are homeless. This client fled a domestic violence relationship from outside of Washington State. Tri-City DV Services could not help her. Benton County Housing Resource Center (HRC) housed her for over 30 days in emergency housing (hotel), but their funding ran out.Three Rivers Therapy (homeless outreach) stepped in so the client would not end up on the street. Benton County HRC stated that due to their funding restrictions the client needed to be a Benton County resident for 90 days before their funding could kick in again. Kennewick Police confirmed that the client had been a model guest at the hotel. Kennewick Police used the community care fund to secure 7 days. Thiswill help Three Rivers Therapy get the client to more permanent housing.