November 22nd, 2022

November 15th, 2022
November 16, 2022
November 26th, 2022
November 27, 2022

On 11/22/22 at approximately 1845 hours, School Resource Office Harrington received a phone call while off duty from Kelly Seaver who is a school counselor at Southridge High School. She explained that information had just come to her that female student and her family were struggling and may not have sufficient heat in their home. Since current temperatures were very low (especially at night),  He immediatelylocated the female in Power School and obtained a phone number for her mother. He called and spoke with the mother. Mother advised the following: They currently an apartment and the apartment is old and doors are drafty. She advised her husband was in the process of trying to cover windows and all doors except the front door with plastic to better control the cold drafts into the house. She explained that the centralheater does work but when they use it their electric bill increases from $120 per month to close to $500 per month and they can’t afford that.She advised their only working source of heat is a small space heater that takes the chill off at night but does not keep the house warm. Mother’s husband works full time on a dairy. Mother can’t work due to being terminally ill. She advised they were okay for that night but sheagreed to allow me to come by for a home visit to see what help might be offered. On 11/23/22, Officer Harrington visited and found that theschool had set aside a food basket for her family. Officer Harrington contacted Communities in Schools and met with the female student. She advised that she lives with her mother and father and is the only child left at home. None of them had winter coats, warm hats orgloves. Communities in Schools was able to provide these items for the family. Communities in Schools and Officer Harrington went together and did a home visit with the mother. Martha further explained she has a rare cell disease along with diabetes and is going into kidney failure. She has no insurance so a large part of their income go towards paying for basic medication to keep her somewhat stable andcomfortable but they can’t afford medications to actually treat her condition so she is essentially just slowly dying. Mother was very humble and hesitant about asking for any help. She kept trying to assure us they were fine and did not need any help but as we talked and asked more specific questions the following needs became apparent:

·         Winter coats, hats and gloves.

·         They needed a better, larger, more energy efficient space heater.

·         They needed some additional blankets for at night.

·         Mother could use some warm pajama’s and slippers for at night to help make her more comfortable since her medical condition causes her tofeel cold all the time so she does not get good sleep due to being cold, especially relying on only one small space heater for the whole house.

·         Mother mentioned she was trying to scrape together enough money to go out today and get the ingredients for their traditional thanksgivingdish, Pazole.