Aug 8th, 2022

August 8th, 2022
August 9, 2022
August 11th, 2022
August 12, 2022

On 08/08/2022, Officer Duty assisted a female by getting a hotel room for two nights. She had moved here with a friend from Ontario Oregon. Her only income is her monthly SSI check. She feeds herself and her three service dogs. The friend she moved here with has family that needs a place to stay, which does not leave room for the female. She is out of money until 09/01/2022 and has no friends or family to assist her. Officer Duty provided her with a place to stay so that she could contact possible resources here locally (Human Services). On 08/09/2022, Officer Duty was contacted by the female, that they currently have no housing to assist her. She was requestingto get assistance with a bus ticket back to Ontario Oregon, where she plans to work with churches that have assisted her in the past. He purchased a bus ticket from Pasco to Ontario, which leaves tomorrow 08/10/2022. He also purchased a few bags to make it easier for her to travel on the bus with her animals.