July 29th, 2022

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On 07/29/2022 at approximately 2030 hours, Officers responded to a non-descript theft report to be taken at the Kiwanis Building locatedat 6007 Paul Parrish Drive, The only information provided was by KPD Commander Clem that there was a theft report to be taken at the location. Officers responded to the location and were waived down by a white male. He advised that he had called about the theft report, but was not a victim. He stated the four males that were the victims were located on the back side of the building and that the four of them had just been fired from their jobs as security for the Water Follies event held at the park over the weekend. Offieres asked the male why the fourmales were fired and he stated that he works for a staffing agency and the four males in question had caused a verbal disturbance with one of his managers and that there is a zero tolerance clause, so all four males were fired on the spot. The male then pointed me in the direction of agroup of four males now observed walking in my direction. Officers then contacted the group of four males and requested they speak withabout what had happened. The group collectively stated that they were the ones whom had requested to speak with PD about the theft report.The males, all advised they were working as security for the Water Follies event during the day. They advised they had been working all dayand left their tent, which was just to the south of the Kiwanis building, at approximately  0600 hours and returned to the tent atapproximately 1800 hours. They stated that upon returning to the tent they discovered that the tent had been entered and all of their personalbelongings rummaged through. One male stated that his wallet was stolen, which contained his SS card, driver’s license and debit card. He stated he had already notified his bank. Another male stated that his Cuban Gold Link chain with diamonds had been stolen along with a Silverchain with a “N” pendant on it. He stated the value for each was $3000 and $1250 respectively. Another male advised that his Beats SoloPro headphones had been taken and valued those at $300. The last male advised that he did not have anything to steal so nothing of his had been taken. All three other males advised that all of their clothes had been taken as well and they only had their bedding and toiletries remaining. They advised there was no suspect and believed the thief had entered from the woods without anyone noticing then departed inthe same manner. There is no known time for when this occurred except between the hours of 0600 and 1800. All four males advised theyhad not returned to the tent during the day. During my interview with the four males it was learned they were in fact fired from their jobsas security for the water follies event. They advised they were hired by a third party staffing agency and had been provided transportationdown to Kennewick from Spokane by the agency. They advised however, that after being fired on the spot the agency refused to provide them transportation back to Spokane. Officers then contacted the agency contact at Allied Staffing. They spoke with the owner about thesituation and he advised me that there was no way for him to assist the males in getting back to Spokane and would not assist them withlodging while they were here. He stated that they signed an agreement about the situation and once they were fired that his company had no responsibility to the fired employees. The owner refused to provide any options aside from just letting the four males sleep in the park with a tent that was destroyed from being ransacked and no money. Officers used the community care fund to put the four males in a hotel room forone night. The plan was to provide a room for the males so as they could contact friends in the Spokane area and arrange a ride back toSpokane from Kennewick. Officers were able to secure a hotel room at Baymont Inn for the four males for one night only. Officers alsoprovided the males with a $50 visa card for food as they were being provided all food and drink during their employment term at the WaterFollies event. None of the males had any money or way to secure food shelter for the night. One of the informed officers that he had secureda ride home for all four males, but the driver could not be here until the morning of 07/30/2022. All four males were appreciative of the ability to provide housing and a way to purchase food. They all stated that they had never heard of the Police doing good things for people. The room rate for the night due to Water Follies and extremely high rates across the area.