Jan. 29th, 2020

Jan. 28th, 2020
January 28, 2020
Jan. 29th, 2020
January 29, 2020

On January 29, 2020, Officer Sanders was dispatched to an assist at the Kennewick Police Station.
Dispatch advised that the Community Care Fund was being requested. Upon arrival at the station,
Officer Sanders contacted a female refugee in the lobby. She has been in the area for about four
months. She advised that she had recently been in a domestic violence situation (confirmed in Ileads).
She was staying at the shelter but her 3-year-old son, was crying and this upset the other residence.
They were getting mad at her and being mean and rude to her because she could not keep him quiet.
She found a family that would take her in. This family resides in Kennewick. Living at this residence, she
was made to do house work. It would take her all day long. They were very rude and negative to her.
She referred to it as feeling like she was their slave. A kind member of the Tri-Cities, identified this
unacceptable situation and sought to help her. She had tried multiple different avenues but none
worked out. Someone had mentioned the Kennewick Community Care Fund to her. She said her last
resort to find a safe place for her was dependent on the generosity of the Community Care Fund. The
circumstances revealed that she and her son were perfect candidates for the use of the Community Care
fund. The hotel was requested to be in Pasco due to her ex-partner wanting to contact her. A night at a
hotel Pasco was purchased for her and her son.