Dec. 10th, 2019

Dec. 1st, 2019
December 1, 2019
Dec. 12th, 2019
December 12, 2019

On December 10, 2019 at approximately 1316 hours, while working as a School Resource Officer at Highlands Middle School, Officer Harris was notified by a Communities in Schools counselor that a parent was in need of assistance with obtaining lodging. Officer Harris contacted the parent and inquired how he could assist. Parent explained that her husband had kicked her out of their apartment along with her two children, (both Highland Middle School students) and a grandchild baby. She said she is currently sleeping in her van with her children and desperately needed a place to stay while she looks for permanent housing. She was emotional and described how things have been difficult with her husband. It was evident to the Officer Harris that she was going through a crisis with no place to stay with her children. Officer Harris advised her that he would obtain lodging for her through the KPDF Community Care Fund. He asked her to meet him at the Clover Island Inn and he would provide a room for her family.  When they exited their vehicle, it was evident they had been living out of their vehicle because the seats had been taken out and adding lined to the floor. Officer Harris registered her and her family for four nights at the hotel. She was very appreciative for the help, advising this would allow her time to turn in applications for places to live and make other arrangements with friends and family.