October 9th, 2022

September 3rd, 2022
October 1, 2022
October 18th, 2022
October 19, 2022

On 10/09/2022 at approximately 1200 hours, Officer Perkins responded to a theft report at Walmart. The male reporting, advised his wallet was stolen out of his vehicle. Officer Perkins contacted the male in the parking lot at his vehicle. He informed Officer Perkins that he was intransit from Austin,TX. to Spokane , WA. for a job he had lined up. He stated that due to his lack of money and the expense of moving, hewas living out of his vehicle driving during the days and sleeping in the parking lot of Walmarts at night. He advised that on 10/09/2022 atapproximately 0600 hours, he was startled awake by a male walking around his vehicle, which the male was asleep in. He stated the male witnessed him stirring in the vehicle and quickly walked away. He stated he dozed back to sleep and at approximately 0800 hours, he rose from his sleep, walked into Walmart and returned back to his secured vehicle at approximately 0830 hours. He stated the windows on hisvehicle were partially down, but the doors were all locked. He stated that it was at this moment he realized his wallet was no longer on thepassenger seat of his vehicle. He stated he looked everywhere for the wallet, but could not find it. He advised someone either reached into the vehicle through the window while he was asleep or while he was in the store. He stated that his wallet was black and contained his SScard, Resident Permit, NY Driver’s license, Work Permit, and his last $500. After getting the details of the incident, Officer Perkinscontinued to talk with the male. He learned that he is an Asylum seeker from Venezuela and had arranged for work through a contact in Spokane. Officer Perkins asked the male how he was going to get to Spokane and he advised he did not know. He stated that he had a place tostay and work there, but was stranded at this point. Officer Perkins asked the male if there was anything that PD could do to assist and he half-heartedly stated, “Fill my car up with gas!” Officer Perkins responded to male’s request by advising him that he would do that and he would get him a prepaid VISA card to buy food and extra fuel to get him to Spokane.  The male appeared stunned that the Police wouldhelp him. He stated that in Venezuela, which is where he is from, the Police only take things from citizens and do not help. The male theninformed Officer Perkins that he was having a hard time coping with the theft of his wallet and believed he was stuck here. He advised he hasno other family here and no friends to contact. Officer Perkins assured him that he would help out and get him on his way. Officer Perkinsfilled up the male’s vehicle with fuel. Officer Perkins also provided him with 3 $50 Pre-paid Visa cards for food and any other expenseshe encountered on his trip to Spokane. The male was extremely grateful and advised he was still in shock that Police would help him. The male then continued his journey and Officer Perkins returned to Walmart to check for video.