About the Kennewick Police Department Foundation

KPD Foundation is a registered corporation with the State of Washington and is recognized by the US Government as a 501C-3 tax-exempt non-profit foundation. All monies raised by KPD Foundation are dedicated to our mission of professional development and community partnership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support a safer community by consistently identifying and securing public and private contributions which will be used to supplement funding for selected education, training, special equipment and pertinent programs for the Kennewick Police Department and the community.

Ambassador Program

We are always looking for high quality volunteers to help with all kinds of projects that serve our patrol officers and community. If you would like to donate your valuable time to a great cause we would like to talk with you.

From fundraisers, dinners and awards ceremonies the Kennewick Police Department Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help plan, project manage, and help with events.

Contact us today for more information!