June 12th, 2023

June 6th, 2023
June 7, 2023
June 12th, 2023
June 13, 2023

Case# 23-045832
On June 12, 2023, Officer Dunn responded to a call for a welfare check. When he arrived at the
location, he contacted a female. She stated that she had recently lost her apartment due to her
neighbor setting the complex on fire in an attempt to get away from police. She stated that she has
been making phone calls and attempted to contact family but has ran out of ideas on how to get a
new place for her family.
The female had with her three children ages (8), (6), and (4). She had only a few suitcases full of items
that she needed and her car. Officer Dunn offered to help her have a temporary place to stay for a few
days would that help her be able to find a permanent place of residence. She said that would help her
out tremendously. Officer Dunn used the community care fund to pay for her and the three kids to
stay at Red Lion Inn on Clearwater Ave for seven days. Officer Dunn also gave her a couple pre-paid
$50 visa cards so she could buy some groceries and other necessary items. The female was very
grateful to receive the help from the department and the community care fund.