November 8th, 2020

September & October 2020
November 1, 2020
November 10th, 2020
November 17, 2020

On November 8, 2020, two officers responded to Trios in reference to two homeless individuals in the lobby. Trios Security advised that they would usually let people stay in the lobby if they are fine but since Covid they no longer have that option. Contact was  made with elderly female and male caregiver in his late 50’s. At first, officers observed that the male was very incoherent he had taken some medication for his legs and anxiety and it knocked him out. Female was somewhat coherent due to her age and mental health. Both were dirty and obvious they had not showered in a few days. They had a bag with them but officers saw in it was a box of crackers and a can of Pepsi. Female is  in a wheelchair. Hospital staff advised that female came in earlier in the morning for a heart issue and she was fine. Male was seen for his legs but he refused a treatment for it. They were both discharged from Trios in the morning. Male checked himself into Kadlec after leaving Trios and he was discharged from there. Security advised they both showed back up prior to security calling officers.  Female advised that they were from California and were on their way to Madison, WI.  Female advised that they were on a train, she became sick, and they ended up in Kennewick. When asked if they had money, female would ask male if they had money and his answers would not make sense. Female was asked if they still had a train ticket and she advised no. Female made the comment that she did not want to go to Wisconsin because it was too cold and she wanted to go back to California. Officer called Crisis and they advised that they did not have any resources for them now, due to it be so late in the evening. Due to the health of both female and male, it was decided that both needed a warm place to stay and some food. Female and male were put up in the Econo Lodge at 300 N Ely for two nights. Officers got some food from McDonalds to get them through the night.