Oct. 29th, 2019

Oct. 19th, 2019
October 19, 2019
Oct. 30th, 2019
October 30, 2019

On October 29, 2019,  a female called asking for assistance. She advised that she lost her job several weeks ago and is in between jobs. She is currently working with Work Source to get another job. The job that she lost was a job that she had for 20 plus years. She asked for $50.00 dollars for two adult bus passes. She also asked for another $53.95. $50.00 dollars for the last part of her rent and $3.95 for late paper work, repayment fee, for the Kennewick Housing Authority. (NOTE: Her apartment manager and the Housing Authority will only take money orders for payment. The Community Fund Credit Card could not be used to buy money orders. It has to be a debit card with a pin number.) Officer offered to pay for the late paperwork fee with own cash and they refused to take cash payment for the late fee. Officer bought her the two bus passes.