Oct. 5th, 2019

Oct. 3rd, 2019
October 3, 2019
Oct. 5th, 2019
October 5, 2019

On October 5, 2019, Sergeant Kiel was contacted by a male at the corner of N Perry Street and
Clearwater Avenue. The male was inquiring about a shelter in Kennewick. He was advised of the
Mission in Pasco, he stated that he had already tried there but it was full for the weekend. They
engaged in conversation and male stated he did 15 days in jail for a trespass violation and has
been clean from using drugs since then including his drug of choice Fentynol. He explained how
he has abandoned his friends and is determined to be clean and out of trouble. He did not want
to sleep on the streets and end up back in jail. He went on to say that, he played basketball for
Central Washington University, broke his back, and got hooked on Oxycontin. He said that his
prescriptions ran out and then he started using Mexis. He said his family disowned him and that
when his mother died; he really started using a lot. He also said his family is willing to help him
after he has been clean. Funds were used to purchase 3 nights at Clover Island to include a few