KPD 16th Annual Awards Banquet

KPD 15th Annual Awards Banquet
July 20, 2018
June 7th, 2018
September 24, 2018

The Kennewick Police Department Foundation congratulations the below employees and volunteers for their continuing service to our community. We were honored to help in making this year’s banquet and awards dinner a success.

 * Employee of the Year – Al Wehner

* Detective of the Year – Eric Hanson

* Officer of the Year – Ron Salter

* Partner of the Year – Drew Sneyd

* Supervisor of the Year – Jason Kiel

* Volunteer of the Year – Pete Martin

‘Chief’s Awards’
Christian Walters

Aaron Clem

Steve Thatsana

Joshua Kuhn

Rick Runge

Debbie Denke

Arla Froehlich

Isaac Merkl


Special Thanks to Martha Marisa Photography