April 14, 2018

KPD 14th Annual Awards Banquet
June 14, 2017
May 25, 2018
May 25, 2018

Community Care Case

On April 14, 2018 at around one in the morning Officer Perkins was dispatched to a welfare check of a female with a head wound and bleeding.

When he arrived medics were at the location. Medics advised that female no longer needed medical attention but did in fact needed help. When contacted by Officer Perkins she explained that she is from Eltopia and a friend dropped her off in Richland during the day. While in Richland she suffered a sudden emergency medical situation and was in the emergency room for almost 6 hours. She attempted to reach her friend to come back and pick her up. Her friend was not able to come back to pick her up due to medical issues herself. She stated that she waited a few hours outside the emergency room until a couple of teenagers offer to take her to a restaurant to get food. The boys never transported her to a restaurant as promised but instead drove her all over the area in a reckless manner. She stated the boys were driving and acting in such a way it caused her to tumble over herself in the rear seat of the vehicle and bump her head causing the wound to the top of her head.

Officer Perkins could not find any criminal history on her. Officer Perkins asked her if she needed anything, she said she only needed a ride to Denny’s and she would wait there until her friend could pick her up in the morning. Officer Perkins took her to Denny’s and made arrangements with management for her to wait there until morning. He returned early morning to check on the status of her ride. He found her there on the same booth sitting and reading. She had ordered a meal and coffee. Officer Perkins paid for her meal and she advised her ride was on their way to pick her up.