On December 10, 2017 Officer Harris responded Trio Hospital. When he arrived he was contacted by a nurse who advised a female had been staying in the waiting room all night. The nurse explained that she had done this the last few nights, coming to the hospital claiming she had a minor injury and then she would sleep in the waiting room. Female advised that she didn’t have a place to go. Her only family lived in Seattle but she didn’t have a way to get there. Officer Harris offered her a bus ticket if she could confirm that she could get assistance in Seattle. After it was confirmed Officer Harris transported her to the Greyhound in Pasco and provided her with a bus ticket.

On January 9, 2017 a DSHS employee requested assistance with a room for a female for the night until resources could be put in place for her the next day. A room was provided a Clover Island Inn.

On January 3, 2017 Officer Hamel was dispatched to assist a Benton County Deputy where a female was coming from Las Vegas to flee a Domestic Violence (DV) relationship. She had been involved in a bad DV relationship in New Jersey where she lived with her 13 year old daughter and they fled to Las Vegas to start a new life. Her ex-husband found her there and she was forced to flee. She drove for over one day straight north and made it to Washington. She wanted help on where she could stay with her daughter. The local women’s shelter stated that they didn’t have openings until the next morning. They had no resources and no family to assist them. A room was provided for the two of them at Best Western for the night.

On January 1, 2017 Officer Harris was dispatched to Trios Hospital. A nurse at the hospital advised that a female was being discharged from the hospital and had no place to go for the night. The nurse was looking for assistance for her. Female came from Portland looking for her daughter but was unsuccessful and got hospitalized due to medical issues. Female said that she wanted to go to Seattle for more medical attention but didn’t have the money until the next few days when it was going to be deposited into her bank account. She was offered a night at local hotel and a Greyhound bus ticket to Seattle the next day. She said she would appreciate the hotel room for the night and when she received her money she would buy her own bus ticket for her trip to Seattle. Officer Harris transported her to the Eco lodge hotel and provided her with two nights due to the snow conditions. A meal was also purchased for her since it had been a while since she last she eaten. She was gracious and appreciative of the assistance that was provided to her.

On December 31, 2016 Detective Long requested assistance moving a Domestic Violence (DV) victim, a case he has been investigating, from a DV Shelter in Richland to Guesthouse Suites in Kennewick. The victim was staying at the shelter but the suspect, gang member, was told where she was staying and has been sending gang members to drive by the shelter. The victim was scare the suspect or friends would break into the shelter and harm her. Two nights were provided for her.

On December 20, 2016 School Resource Officer T. Valdez was contacted by Soughtridge High School staff regarding a student in need. A teacher overheard a student tell another that his back was hurting and not sleeping because he didn’t have a bed to sleep on. The staff had collected funds to get to him a mattress but didn’t have any way to deliver to him. Officer T. Valdez assisted with delivering of the mattress. He noticed there was not much in the apartment but the apartment was clean. He lived there with his mother and brother. The donated mattress came with a box but not a bed frame. Officer T. Valdez took the student to Walmart and purchased a metal bed frame, 2 pillows, 2 pillow cases, and one comforter set with sheets. Officer T. Valdez told the student he could get a present for his mother and brother and one for himself. He picked a cooking knife for his mother because she cooks and didn’t have one, a coat for him brother because he didn’t have one and a small desk for himself so he could do his homework. The school staff also donated a large box of food and personal care items after they noticed the family didn’t have much.

On December 18, 2016 Officer Reynolds responded to take a burglary report. Victim had been in the hospital and in fixed income. Suspect stole her house keys, which required Mounts Lock and Key to come out and change the locks.

On December 13, 2016 Officer Canada was dispatch to a domestic violence call, upon arrival they contacted a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, who had been in a dispute. Girlfriend wants out of the relation and he got upset and took her keys. Officers have been dispatched to this address in the pass for similar issues. She wants to leave to go back to South Daroka with her mother but does not get paid until a few days from the call. Due to the previous incidents and controlling and most likely physical nature of the male side Officer Canada transported her to Clover Island Inn and provided two nights to provide a safe place to stay, allowing her to go to work, get her paycheck and leave her situation and move with family in South Daroka.

On December 9, 2016 Officer Hamel responded to Benton County Jail regarding an inmate that was being released on 2 charges from a KPD arrest the night before, inmate is currently homeless with several medical issues. He was requesting to be taken to Yakima where the hospitals are that can help him. Benton County had concerns releasing him at low temperatures with his health condition. After assessment was done it was determined that funds would be used for a hotel for the night. Officer Hamel transported him to Best Western hotel for the night. The next morning Officer Hamel picked him up and drove him to the bus stop and purchased a ticket to Yakima so he could get the medical attention he needed.

On December 9, 2016 Officer Kuehny responded to a welfare check in the parking lot at Trios Hospital. A couple had traveled from Umatilla to Trios Hospital to seek medical attention for the husband that required surgery. On this day he was discharged and their vehicle would not start. They have limited means and the earliest family could arrive to assist was the next morning. The couple was provided a room at the Hampton Inn next to Trios.

On December 9, 2016 Officer Canada responded to a Domestic Violence in progress. When he arrived he found the husband had been the aggressor. He had been drinking and was upset wife was moving out with their three children. He would not allow her to leave and was threatening to killer her. Wife was taken to a local hotel for the night. She advised that she had arrangements for the next day. On December 9, 2016 School Resource Officer Littrell was contacted by a at risk student at Kennewick High School. The student had signed up for the Washington State Youth Academy. The Youth Academy is residence boot camp with a rigorous academic schedule. This allows credit deficient students to obtain more high school credits. To register students need to obtain a WST WATCH background check that cost $12. The fee has to be paid with credit/debit card. The student’s mother neither had the $12 nor had a credit card. The $12 background was paid for the student.