November 14, 2019

Nov. 14th, 2019

On November 14, 2019 at around 1044 hours, a female called dispatch requesting assistance. She advised that she had 2 children, ages 4 & 6. Sarah’s husband, Rodrigo, recently was laid off from work and they had enough money to pay for rent, but their electric was about ready to be shut off. She was concerned about losing power due to her small children and with the temperatures dropping; she feared the home would get […]
November 8, 2019

Nov. 8th, 2019

On November 8, 2019 at around 1428 hours, Officers were contacted in reference to a female who was at the Goodwill looking for some assistance. She was at the location with her two small babies. She advised that her husband was incarcerated and she had just been evicted from her hotel room in Pasco. She advised that she had no money to get food or shelter for her children. With the help of Mental Health […]
November 5, 2019

NOV. 5th, 2019

On November 5, 2019, a male called in to ask for some assistance. He currently is homeless, his brother lives at an unknown location in Richland, his mother passed away two years ago and he has been on the streets with his father who has pancreatic cancer and cannot afford medication. He advised that he is trying to get a job here in Kennewick, but has not heard back from the businesses he has applied […]
November 2, 2019

Nov. 2nd, 2019

On November 2, 2019, a female called asking for assistance for her and her two sons (5 and 4-year-old). Female was scared that ex would get physical for leaving; she stated that it had gotten physical in the past. Ex took phone from her so she could not call family. Neighbor let her use phone to call family. Funds were used to purchase a night at a local hotel for the night.
October 30, 2019

Oct. 30th, 2019

On October 30, 2019, a male called police claiming he had been assaulted by a female who had an order against him. We could not locate the female to verify this. He had no injuries. Officers could not reach his mother to get him home and he had no other resources at the time. Due to the freezing weather, a night at the Econolodge was provided until he could reach his mother later on in […]
October 29, 2019

Oct. 29th, 2019

On October 29, 2019,  a female called asking for assistance. She advised that she lost her job several weeks ago and is in between jobs. She is currently working with Work Source to get another job. The job that she lost was a job that she had for 20 plus years. She asked for $50.00 dollars for two adult bus passes. She also asked for another $53.95. $50.00 dollars for the last part of her […]
October 19, 2019

Oct. 19th, 2019

On October 19, 2019, Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a female and her ex-boyfriend. A 12 year old female was also at the location during disturbance. Female has left the ex-boyfriend 4 ½ years prior but recently moved back in because she lost her job and did not have anywhere to go. Female felt stuck at the location. Domestic Violence advocate contacted via phone but for ease, it was determined that we would get […]
October 18, 2019

Oct. 18th, 2019

On October 18, 2019, female (same as above) was contacted after she had run out of money while staying at the Super 8. She had secured housing through a housing agency but it was not available until the following Monday. She was provided 3 additional nights at the Super 8 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to get her through the weekend until her housing was ready.
October 15, 2019

Oct. 15th, 2019

On October 15, 2019, a female was in the process of getting housing through an agency. She had been homeless and staying at the Super 8 motel. Officer contacted the property manager where she was going through who confirmed he had spoken with her and had two units immediately available. It would take a few days to get the property finalized. Officer purchased 3 nights for her to provide her a place to stay until […]
October 9, 2019

Oct. 9th, 2019

On October 9, 2019, officers were dispatched to a suicidal female. After talking with her, she had her vehicle towed earlier that morning from 395/Yelm the battery was bad, which it is why it died on the side of the highway. One of the stress triggers is the car, the community care fund was used to get the car out of impound and a new battery for her vehicle. 
June 14, 2017

KPD 14th Annual Awards Banquet

June 7, 2017

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